How to Win Over More Video Conferencing Market Share

I discovered Jitsi Meet earlier this spring when (along with everyone else) I needed a quality video conferencing application to communicate with family that worked on various OSes and devices. Personally, I have preferred it to the other options–primarily due to the Community’s focus on privacy and security of its users rather than its monetization of them.

When schools in my area began scrambling for applications to use for remote learning, sadly, they all went to Zoom (despite their less-than-stellar privacy/security track record). Admittedly, Zoom seemed to be, in part, preferred by the teachers as it was set up to allow teacher moderation and a waiting room long before Jitsi Meet (despite the Zoom-bombing issues). That said, I believe the latter is superior and more in line with student privacy/security.

While it may be too late to convince/promote a migration from Zoom to Jitsi for schools, has anyone else been able to convince your local entities to do so? For me, it’s the Betmax vs. VHS argument of video conferencing–the former was superior on many levels, but the latter became the established norm.

Thanks for any input and Kudos to the Jitsi development team.