[How to] What is a meeting moderator?

What is a meeting moderator? What can a moderator do? How is this role assigned? This post will help you understand more about the Jitsi Meet room moderators.

Moderator Permissions

What can a moderator do?

  • Ability to add a password to a room
  • Ability to grant the moderator role to non-moderators
  • Ability to kick non-moderators (and other moderators only if muc_owner_allow_kick.patch is applied)
  • Ability to mute participates
  • Ability to make everyone see the moderator video (Everyone follows me)
  • Ability to make participates join muted (Everyone starts muted)
  • Ability to make participates join without video (Everyone starts hidden)
  • Ability to enable/disable the lobby room
  • Ability to approve join/knocking requests (when the lobby is enabled)
  • Ability to enable e2e encryption • beta (where available)

:x: A moderator CANNOT unmute another participant’s audio or video.

Who is a moderator?

When someone joins, who gets the moderator role?

For the default install:

  • first participant to join is moderator
  • when the moderator leaves, a new one is selected automatically
  • selection occurs on the server side (by Prosody & Jicofo)

For the default install with secure domain:

  • All authenticated users are moderators
  • Guest users are not moderators and cannot create rooms

With mod_muc_allowners.lua enabled:


I noticed this feature after your post :+1:

So I need everybody to be a moderator by default and don’t want to enable secure domain as well. I am running the latest build (installed like 6 hours ago) and have enabled ‘muc_allowners’ inside prosody conf but it’s not working. Could you please help?


I have also experienced issues with the current version of mod_muc_allowners.lua where it seems others do not.

My post in this thread may help you/others:

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Thank you so much!! Your solution worked like a charm.

Hey Corby may I know How to do this?

If you know how could you please tell me (Screenshots would be appreciated)

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when the meeting is on, You can select any participant and grant them the moderator rights. Please check the screen below

Hi, I can’t find anywhere about grant moderator.
I would like to try this function and checkout sourcecode.
Could you give a recommend?