[How to] What are the different flavors of Jitsi Meet?

Are you new to Jitsi Meet? Have you seen threads mentioning various ways people are accessing, testing and modifying meetings services? Maybe you are a little confused?

Jitsi Meet is a very powerful video conferencing platform. It’s both a hosted service as well as an open source project, free for all to modify and customize (in accordance with the license).

This thread will hopefully help you understand the many ways to interact with Jitsi Meet.

There are several ways Jitsi meeting services are provided to others:

  1. The official Jitis Meet site: https://meet.jit.si
    Easiest - Visit the site, create meeting, share link, enjoy. Zero configuration or coding knowledge required. Other than url overriding, customization is not supported

  2. The Jitsi Meet API
    Easy - Add meeting capability to your website. You can customize a lot of options but must keep the Jitis logo.

  3. Self-hosted Server
    Not as easy - You’ll need your own Linux server and knowledge of using the command line to edit files, manage services and review logs. If sudo tail -F /var/log/jitsi-meet/jvb.log creeps you out a little bit, then this option may not be for you. Self hosting allows you to change just about everything. Changes ranging from basic homepage background color (CSS) to complex back-end behavior when someone joins the room (Prosody/lua scripts).

:information_source: Everything above can be achieved without checking out the source from GitHub and compiling/redeploying anything. Building from source is another topic altogether.

:pushpin: Learn more about available meeting options and customization.

There are also several ways others can join Jitsi Meetings:

  1. Web browsers
    Easiest - if you’re reading this then you have a browser. Everyone does. Click link. Join meeting. Enjoy!

  2. The Android app, iOS app and F-Droid app
    Easy - the best user experience on a mobile device. Users have to download the app first though. The app has Jitis branding, rightfully so. Want your own branding? Build your own app and deploy to the app stores (which is a tall order if you have ever done it). :bulb:And, yes, it’s also possible for users to join meetings from their mobile browser when “deep linking” is disabled

  3. The Jitsi Meet Electron App
    Easy - Desktop application for Jitsi Meet built with Electron for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This app adds features like auto-updates, remote control and e2ee (beta)

Hope this helps!


I know that the Jitsi Meet desktop application was built using Electron. Was Electron or some other tool used to build the Android, iOS and F-Droid apps?