How to use the srtp native library?

I’ve managed to get jitsi working on my homeserver at
I saw that freebsd has a package jitsi-srtp-native, which installs a which is supposed to allow faster SRTP stuff. I’ve installed it on my server but I’m not sure how to make JVB/Jicofo make use of this library.
Is there a config option I have to set somewhere which makes JVB or Jicofo use this?

Checkout jvb logs on the first call after the startup.

INFO: [71] JitsiOpenSslProvider.<clinit>#52: jitsisrtp successfully loaded for OpenSSL 1.1
INFO: [71] Aes.createCipher#433: Will employ AES implemented by OpenSSL for AES/GCM/NoPadding.


INFO: [71] Aes.benchmark#367: AES benchmark (of execution times expressed in nanoseconds): SunJCE 523, BouncyCastle 10209 for AES/CTR/NoPadding
INFO: [71] Aes.createCipher#433: Will employ AES implemented by SunJCE for AES/CTR/NoPadding.
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Thanks! I was able to see the successful loading in the logs.
It seems like JVB is smart enough to find the library on its own and load it, perfect!

Doing even more than that. When openssl is not available compare the speed of java libraries and bouncycastle and choose the quicker one

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