How to use the libJitsi for audio streaming


I am trying to build a Java application which will stream audio to a particular IP address and Port number. I am using the libjitsi-1.1-4-gfb6b03ff.jar. Whenever my code execute the following lines
LibJitsi. start ();
MediaService mediaService = LibJitsi. getMediaService ();
I keep getting exceptions INFO: Failed to load CoreAudioDevice library: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jnmaccoreaudio in java.library.path

I have downloaded the libjitsi jar from the mvn repository. Do i need to download any more libraries and include them? Are they available anywhere to download?
Should I check out the entire github repo for the libjitsi and create a build for the respective platform e.g linux or windows? Any steps how to do that?

Please help

I think, the lib in jitsi maven repo may be missing some native dependencies, but I’m not sure. Check inside the jar do you see the native dependencies.

I will start updating jigasi dependencies in the following weeks and will be able to test this myself and will report for my findings

Thanks for looking into it Damencho.

After a long fight, i am able to get it up and working for Windows where i am able to set the Library Path properly to the native dll available in the libjitsi bundle and not seeing any UnsatisfiedLinkError. However for Linux and Mac, I am not able to get this working. May be i am not setting the library path properly for them or something else might be missing. It will be nice if the steps on how to reference the library path for Mac, Windows, Linux can be mentioned in the libjitsi documentation then that will be of great help.