How to use the HTTP API for Jibri

Hi there,

I searched this a lot and found that no one has asked this before strangely. So forgive me if it is a dumb question, but how do i use the health endpoints like /jibri/api/v1.0/health specified here

I am using a jibri docker container and confused how to call the API as jibri does not utilizes any port.


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I found this in the logs.

Jibri uses port 3333 for the internal API
and port 2222 for the HTTP API

Was a dumb question :sweat_smile:

Hopefully this helps people like me


Just so you know, the HTTP API on Jibri does not currently have feature parity with the XMPP side and, since it isn’t used by us, does not really get tested (by us, at least). I hope to eventually migrate to an HTTP-based API being the primary one in Jibri, but I don’t have any timeline for that.

Yes, http://localhost:2222/jibri/api/v1.0/health
This worked for me. Thanks!

In server we can use as
links http://localhost:2222/jibri/api/v1.0/health
will have the option to view and display