How to use self-hosted Jitsi within another website?

We’d like to use our self-hosted Jitsi instance as our website’s video chat service. I am calling the Jitsi API and pointing to our domain and it’s working; but, the camera and microphone permissions aren’t coming up. If I hit our internal Jitsi instance directly, it works fine. Is there a better way to use Jitsi rather than calling the API (like just reference it in an IFRAME, etc)?

If calling the API is the best way, is there a specific download I should use to get it so I can also host the API locally instead of calling external_api.js on Jitsi’s server?

You should use the one from your server.

Thanks - is there a good place to download external_api.js or should I just grab it from ?

You should be sourciy it from the deployment you use as it will get updates along with the backend.

OK, would I need to compile the external_api.js from Jitsi source ( If so, is there documentation on how to do that somewhere? Thanks again!

You should source it from the deployment you use and not compile it into another js, this the recommended way of using it as described in the docs. As this file follows the backend updates.

OK, so our internal Jitsi implementation should have this external_api.js somewhere already? I wasn’t the one that installed it but I will look around on the server for the file if that’s the case.

I’m still a bit confused. I see in the documentation that we can reference the external_api.js from Instead, we have our own, internal Jitsi installation but I don’t see the external_api.js anywhere in the installation. I’d like to use the API to connect to our internal Jitsi installation but I had to copy/paste the since I didn’t see any links to download it anywhere. Is this the correct way to do it or should this API JS be somewhere in our internal Jitsi installation already and I can just point to that?

	<script src=''></script>

You should have this

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Yes! Exactly what I needed - thank you so much! Found it at /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/external_api.min.js