How to use only Jitsi Videobridge on the client side?


We have made a webRTC system using easyRTC . The currently the system has STUN, TURN & Signalling Server based on websocket. The current architecture is a mesh architecture and we are getting some call drops and performance issue.

The company wants to integrate SFU in the mix and they want to use jitsi videobridge for that. The company just want to integrate only the videobridge, not the other jitsi meet components as we already have that.

I have searched for the documentation to understand how the server can be setup and how we are going to use it from the client side but its not really clear. It seems like the easyRTC does not have this support. I cant find an example either.

Can you please tell me how can we use the videobridge SFU from the client side or if there is any working example of that.



You can communicate with the bridge using the REST API:

You’ll need to “translate” between the COLIBRI messages the bridge sends and SDP, so the browsers understand it.

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Hello saghul,

Thank you very much for your reply. I think i am beginning to understand how we can do that.

One blocker is we need to convert the colibri message to sdp and vice-versa. But i could not find any library for that and it does not seems like a trivial task.

In that scenario, do you think it will be sufficient to setup the following Jitsi meet components (prosody, Jicofo & Jitsi Videobridge) in the backend and use lib-jitsi-meet on the front end? I am omitting the Jitsi Meet component and nginx here. Do you think that there could be some licensing issue in that setup?

Also, can you please tell me if prosody component is a must or if i can omit that component from the setup?

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Rashed Sourov



This is close to ideal. You’d need to do the UI, which is no easy feat, but all signaling would be taken care of. There should be no licensing issues, all our projects are Apache 2, and you can chek the licenses of other projects such as prosody.

It’s necessary. Jitsi Meet uses XMPP for signaling.

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