How to use listen and fire sendCommand and SendCommandOnce through the Android SDK

Hello everybody,

Is there a way I can listen to or fire two low-level Jitsi API methods called sendCommand and sendCommandOnce through the Android SDK?

Nope, sorry, those commands are not currently exposed in the Android SDK. Those are pretty low level, what are you trying to accomplish with them?

I have currently built an Android application in Java that can stream from smart glasses (Vuzix M400, M4000, Iristick Go Pro) to an online web portal.

We use the Android SDK on the smart glasses and the low-level Jitsi Meet JS library on the web portal.

Now, I need to implement three functionalities on the smart glasses.

  1. Pause smart glass streaming
  2. A mute microphone feature on the smart glasses
  3. A mute speaker feature on the smart glasses

The best way to implement these features seemed to use the sendCommand and sendCommandOnce APIs provided by the JS low-level API, but capturing them appeared to be missing in the Android SDK (Which you confirmed).

I tried using the CHAT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED, to achieve the above three features, but the implementation didn’t seem right, as I would need to handle cases when the device would reconnect and receive all messages once again, which would cause unnecessary conditioning.

Do you have any communication channel with the glasses other than Jitsi?

Now, yes, as of this week, I am using web-sockets for device communication.

Then I’d suggest you send your commands over that and then use our APIs to mute the glasses that way.