How to use letsencrypt OR self-signed TLS certificate and key in local machine?

When I try to use self-signed or our own existing TLS certificate and key explained in Self-Hosting Guide - Docker | Jitsi Meet, what does it mean cert.fullchain?

mount /path/to/your/cert.key file to /config/keys/cert.key mount point
mount /path/to/your/cert.fullchain file to the /config/keys/cert.crt mount point.

Is that generated server cert?

Most of all, when I try to use letsencrypt, it is getting worse with not-connected error.

Thanks in advance

The full-chain is a certificate with the entire chain of certificates up to the CA you got the cert from.

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Thanks for your reply. Then, how can we can this?

Something like this?

cat file1 file2 > file3


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