How to use Jitsi-meet without buying a domain name on Ubuntu( Linux Mint)?

I’m trying to install the Jitsi server on my Linux Mint Tricia for conferencing with a couple friends during the quarantine. I don’t have a domain name of my own, and don’t understand computer networks at all. I can access Jitsi by giving my domain name as, but then I can’t share the link for other’s to join, and I don’t understand what port the server is using to start ngrok. Is there any way I could maybe port forward (no idea if those are the right words) so other people can use an ngrok link to access my conference? Or some other way I can skip over buying a domain?

Could you use instead of running your own server?

I don’t know what ngrok is.

You might be able to make jitsi run with just an IP address, but I suspect you are going to struggle. For a start, you will need to create self-signed certificates, as you cannot use Let’s Encrypt, and your friends will need to trust your certs when they load the page in your browser.

You’ll also need to create some way of letting your friends connect to your jitsi server. That could be forwarding ports through your home router to your laptop’s IP address (443 tcp and 10000 udp), and then giving them your own public IP, or else creating some kind of VPN and letting them access the server as if they were on your LAN (Wireguard is probably the easiest).

But you might also struggle from a bandwidth point of view, if you are running it on your home connection.

The right answer is probably to use the public servers, at that point.

You could use some dynamic DNS options, but it’s still hard to host something like this on a home network unless you’ve got a really fat network pipe, and the port forwarding configuration is far from trivial.

You can:

  1. Buy a standard domain
  2. Get someone to create a subdomain for you and point your static IP to it (if u have one). If you don’t have static IP you will need DynDNS service.
  3. use

but yes as others pointed out, i am sure unless you are doing this for fun the bandwidth requirements for this kind of stuff are well above what your setup might have.