How to use Jitsi Meet in Element macOS Client?

I’m Using Element on macOS desktop client and there shall be an widget to start Jitsi Meet. But I can’t find a way to install this widget and to start a Jitsi Meet conference.
How to do this?

It’d probably be best to ask in the Element / Matrix community, since they build that client.

Jep and I got a response, a Tutorial is here.
The installation is not so easy (compared to a simple click on a button :grinning: ). But at the end it extended the Element / Matrix messenger by the impressive features of Jitsi.
Or - turned around - it expands Jitsi by the very important feature of calling a partner by a ring to start a conference.

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link is gone here is a webcache of the article Original URL: GitHub - Twi1ightSparkle/ems-docs-dev

Create a Conference Call in a Room - Twi1ightSparkle/matrix-documentation Wiki

This article is licensed under the standard MIT license. See Home for a full copy.

Setting up

  1. Create a room
  2. Click Room Info , then Add apps, bridges & bots
  3. Read and accept the Terms of Service for the Integration Manager
  4. Select Jitsi from the list of available widgets
  5. Save the URL if you wish, this is also easily available later. Then click Save
  6. Click the X to close the integration manager
  7. To join the room conference, expand the Jitsi section at the top. Then click Join Conference`
  8. Allow camera and microphone access. Note this might be different depending on your browser and operating system
  9. You are now in the conference

Inviting external participants

  1. Click the info button in the bottom right corner
  2. Click Copy
  3. Send the link to the external participant. They can just copy and paste it to their browser to join

Screen sharing

  1. Click the screen sharing in the bottom left corner
  2. Give permissions when asked
  • In macOS
    you need to grant the Screen Recording Privacy permission, and
    screen sharing does not work with the Element Desktop app
  1. Select the application or screen you want to share, then click Allow. Note this might be different depending on your browser and operating system
  2. Everyone can now see your screen