How to use Jitsi Desktop/Meet on my PC?!

Hi everybody.

My config:
Windows 7/10 on PC (not a server).

Sorry for my question, but I’m really newbie and I didn’t understand the purpose of Jitsi Desktop.

I want to use Jitsi meet on my computer for video conferencing, not on the Jitsi meet website. So, I downloaded Jitsi Desktop and installed it, but didn’t know how to use it for video conferencing.

When I launch it, it loads a “sign in” window and the main one with an “offline” status.
Should I create a new account in it?! Should I add a chat room?!!

Could you please guide me on this?
Thank you very much.

For video conferencing you should use jitsi-meet. All you need is to open the link in a browser.
If you want to deploy it on your computer then follow this guide You need a DNS record for the hostname you will use like that is forwarded to you machine.

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Thanks, damencho, for your reply.
I think I can’t apply this guide, and moreover I’m on windows. So I will use the online meet.
I was wondering if the online app would suffer from lack of resources since everybody will use it, which could influence the quality of the video conference!

You might benefit from perusing the Quick Start guide that I have posted in this thread.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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We are working hard to make sure everything is operating as usual. We had in the past weeks problems, when everything started. But now we are back to normal.

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Thanks, Peter for your guide.
It was really very helpful.

OK, damencho. We are all very grateful for the time and effort you’re putting into this project.
Thank you very much.

I gave up and uninstalled. By the browser I already have several rooms organized and a good integration with the smart phone app. I see no reason to use the desktop version until there is the same kind of synergy that exists between browser and Android.

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