How to use inviteDomain config with or without JWT?

I’m unable to figure out that how to use inviteDomain and dynamicBrandUrl mentioned in config.js with or without JWT.

If I set inviteDomain= '' then It will change the Invite Someone(Share Meeting) URL. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

If my above statement is correct then Is it possible to control this config with JWT?

I tryed to use the custom invite domain with iFrame API config overwrite but no luck.

The invite URL remains with the jitsi install/server Domain.

    configOverwrite: {
                     brandingRoomAlias: "'.$room_name.'",
                     enableClosePage: true,
                     prejoinPageEnabled:	true,
                     inviteDomain: "",

And I would be interested to pass variables/url parameters in the invite link also.

Any info about that @damencho and @emrah ?

Merci d’avance