How to upload chat history to AWS s3 when the meeting end

I want to upload the jitsi meet chat history to AWS s3 each call/meeting when end. Please share your suggestion.

You need to create a custom prosody module that listens for messages and stores them locally in a file and once the conference ends send it to s3.

Thanks for the reply. Could you please point me where i can find the conf/call end event.

Thanks @damencho , I wrote simple line to create the folder when the call end but seems like it’s not working. And I am planning to right the sh script and send a message history log through params to that sh file and upload to S3.
FYI: please see the red mark line - it’s not executed

the prosody user cannot create a directory in /var/www. Try /tmp


I tried but it’s not working. Any other solution ?

here we have submitted the PR for downloading all the messages, after ending the call