How to understand which version should I use

Hi all,
I cannot understand what the Jitsi release strategy is.

If I go to public I see that the lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=3613.341 is being used.
But on page I see that there are several releases each the day! It means that 3613 is very old (if I understood it correctly).

On I see only 3 releases.

Which version should I use in general to be sure that maybe it does not contain the latest features, but is the most stable?
I guess that it should be the version that is available on, but how could I understand which version is used there?

This is jitsi-meet-web version 3613 which corresponds to

You are confusing the repos, that should be jitsi-meet not lib-jitsi-meet.

Docker follows jitsi-meet stable releases which binaries are debian packages that are pushed to

The stable repo, as pointed in the quick-install guide:

Versions on not always match the stable one.

If you want to check running versions on, you need to open the index.html source and find the jitsi-meet-web version as you already did, then open a meeting with two tabs open the js console and filter version you will see jicofo and prosody versions, and (soon for the new bridge) you will see and the bridge version.

You can also execute there: JitsiMeet.JS.version to check the lib-jitsi-meet version that is used:

I understood, thank you so much!