How to understand source code of Jitsi Video Bridge

I have downloaded the source code of jitsi video bridge from git. After opening in IDE, I can’t figure out where to start from in the source code. All the hard names in the source code making difficult to understand. The sequence of execution is also unable to understand.

If you guys have any documents to understand jitsi video bridge source code then please help me out with this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Please don’t tag people in your requests for help unless they’re already helping you with the specific issue at hand.

Thanks, I am removing tagged people from the post.

I’d be shocked if there’s actually any such document (dedicated to teaching how to read JVB’s source code). I haven’t seen any, personally. What’s your goal, though? Do you just want a better understanding of how JVB works?

Yes @Freddie I want better understanding how JVB works.

Check out this Youtube video, I think it might help in that regard:

This video cover the high-level concept of jitsi video bridge.
But in source code, it’s very difficult to understand each task of the video bridge.
Please help me to understand source code of jitsi video bridge.

JVB is a fairly large and complex codebase, and depends on a few other Jitsi codebases (JMT, libjitsi, jitsi-xmpp-extensions, etc) some of which are fairly complex themselves. I doubt you’ll find someone on here who’s willing to spend the significant time required to walk a beginner through the whole thing. You’ll likely have more success if you start exploring the code yourself, and come back with specific questions.


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I agree wit @jbg