How to understand and use Jitsi videobridge?

I want to use Jitsi Videobridge for video conferencing application. But I don’t want to use Jitsi Meet application, rather than I want to implement my own version in Angular. So how can I get started? How can I understand what all events and APIs of videobridge are used in client application and how everything works? Is there any kind of tutorial for that?

You have the documentation: - here you can see a network map overview of tcp ports used to signal between jitsi components

And you have some helpful community forum threads:
Understanding the design of Jitsi - clarify some core roles of the jitsi components relating to webrtc
New bridge merge into master (JVB 2.0) - shows the data flow inside JVB 2
Two broswers opened in the same room but they don't see each other [SOLVED] - lists the steps of what happens when a user join a meeting

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