How to turn off the participant camera when participant is in presenter mode

Hi, I’m having a problem.
I am using chrome as host and other chrome as participant.
When the participant starts sharing his or her screen, the participant can see the screen share.
But when the host turns off the screen sharer’s camera, the screen sharing mode on the participant side disappears.
Has anyone had a similar problem?

Screen-sharing is a video stream. If you disable video for a participant they cannot send any, camera or screen-share.

This is bound to change at some point in time, when we introduce multiple video streams per participant.

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Thank you for your great support. Do you have in mind of the time when the multiple video streams per participant could be introduced or a roadmap for this functionality?
And also I have one question. When using chrome and screen-sharing, I can show both of two screens: one bigger screen for my screen-sharing and a smaller screen at the bottom-right corner of my desktop for my camera screen. So I was wondering there are still two video streams per participants right?

Nope, that is composite video send from client.
The two video streams is something coming in the following months. Check the recording of the community call from today for more info.

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Thank you very much. Subscribing to your great channel right now!