How to turn off peer-to-peer connection in

I have problems with video connections using from my work network. I would like to try it without using the p2p connection, but I don’t see the way to disable it. Is it possible?

Hi there,

You can disable it as follows: use a URL like so


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@saghul Great! It works well and I forgot to thank you.

Are there any other ways I can set this parameter? Maybe a cookie?

No, there is no other way at the moment.

@saghul How can I setup many config to url?

Can i add more config to this example ?

that’s right

Yes. See the Single Meeting Example in:

Hi Saghul,

How to make p2p connection from one app to another app.My Scenerio is I have a patient and doctor.
patient as booking id if he initiating a call want to send accept and reject the call from patient .If doctor accepts the request then only want to both should be connected .

Can you please explain me how to achieve this.