How to troubleshoot sessions falling back to TCP


Once in a while, users are using TCP instead of UDP. On the same network, we ask them to disconnect and join, it will join using UDP.

How does it know if UDP is not viable, it fall back to TCP? Any troubleshooting tips also helpful.


On which deployment is this, or yours? Which browser?
All the candidates are added and the one that succeeds first is the one that is used, the idea is that the connection to that one is fastest as it is the first to connect. I suspect a network prioritizing problem and TCP succeeds first …

We have both the iOS and Android apps. We currently don’t use the browser.

When you say network prioritizing problem, is there a way to correct or troubleshoot? We do have the logs that the jitsi-meet sdk emit.


I think this is a network problem, so in the network you observe this you will need to capture network traffic and investigate it, and see why udp packets take longer to the destination than the TCP, I suppose that with a mobile client this is almost impossible … So not sure what can be done here …

If it’s a web browser, what do you recommend?