How-to to setup integrated Jitsi and Jibri for dummies, my comprehensive tutorial for the beginner

  1. yes I had add the ip address of jibri server on hosts file on jibri server.

  2. yes I have the certs in /etc/prosody/certs folder as symlinks from /var/lib/prosody/ with lrwxrwxrwx
    on /var/lib/prosody/ folder the certs files are:
    -rw-r----- 1 prosody prosody 2543 May 13 10:45
    -rw-r----- 1 prosody prosody 3402 May 13 10:45
    -r-------- 1 prosody prosody 1679 May 13 10:45

And what is your prosody versión? In Ubuntu 18.04 and prosody 0.11.5 I must changed /etc/prosody/certs/* owner from root to prosody.

I try to

chown prosody /etc/prosody/cert/*
but nothing changes

Have a look at for an impression on working with multiple JVB (jitsi video bridges). This applies to scale up for multiple jitsi conferences. It does not apply to jibri; your jibri server can be configured to contain multiple jibri-users. If you expect 10 simultaneous videoconferences, it would be good to pre-configure 11 jibri users (10+1) on your jibri-server, so there is always (at least-) one available for recording…

I’ve tried it on a 12 cores with 64Gb RAM. It ran smoothly.

Thanks for this tutorial !
BTW: I like the green colors of your all.css - Would you mind posting it in this thread?

it takes like a couple of minutes to do these changes… he has given you the HEX code too

just create a copy of you all.css from /usr/share/jitsi-meet/css folder and make these changes, put it in /etc/jitsi/meet & edit the nginx file…

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If you don’t like to edit a minified css-file, you can always (temporary) unminify it with offcourse #justahandytip :wink: