How-to to setup Grafana dashboards to monitor Jitsi, my comprehensive tutorial for the beginner

Hi @Ferran_Munoz,

Try this, it solves my problem, it seems that I missed this step when adding an influxDB datasource:

URL: http://localhost:8086 --> you have to type instead of use the default settings (I’ve missed this step previously and it cause 502 bad gateway error)

Good luck with your settings

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Thanks a lot for the tutorial ! It helped a lot.

I have a question. Did anybody find a good way to visualize the information in
“conference_sizes”, “conferences_by_video_senders” and “conferences_by_audio_senders” ?

It seems that is really a wealth of information in there, it would be very valuable for us to know the details of the conference sizes, and also how many people turn off their webcam or mike, but I really struggle to show it in grafana. Any ideas ?

Thanks @Access_Lab, Your solution worked for me :relaxed:

I had this problem and I have fixed it. I have configured this with kubernetes? How about your environment?

Hello @Woodworker_Life and all!

By any chance does anyone knows if the author of this dashboard hangs around Jitsi Discourse?

Thanks in advance

@Woodworker_Life Very interesting and useful contribution. Thanks a lot.
Best wishes for your work and life.

Sudhir Gandotra
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