How to test websockets are working


How can I test if websockets are configured properly on the jitsi system. I have websockets and smack enabled and the configurations seem to be in place in nginx.

However if I try to connect to it using

wscat --connect wss://

I get error: Error: unexpected server response (501)

nginx access.log just shows
“GET /xmpp-websocket HTTP/1.1” 501 413 “-” “-”

Does it even make sense to use wscat to figure this thing out?
I think it’s using bosh as if I disable bosh nothing seems to work.

I used this as a guide to set it up: [How To] How to enable websockets (xmpp-websocket) and smacks for Prosody

yes commenting out bosh line in config.js seems the better option to test it. If you have a problem your first investigation should be to look at nginx logs.