How to test new e2ee?

Hi all,

I’ve just installed the latest debian unstable packages and I notice there’s now HIPS (e2ee).
I went through the readme here but I don’t see any instructions on how to enable e2ee so I can test it out on my server.

Any hints?


Dear All,
thx for this amazing and so far unique feature (real e2ee with multiparty video & opensource…) - congrats!
I am very much looking forward for the final implementation of key exchange/negotiation.

I have very same inquiry as Peter Villeneuve (using latest nightly on own debian deployment):
e2ee currently works only on with latest Chrome Canary (see screenshot below),
so the question remains how to activate e2ee within own Jitsi Meet deployment & using Chrome Canary (or Chrome 83 if released) endpoint?
kind regards, MS


You can find more information about e2ee feature in the Jitsi TheCall video :
So to test e2ee option in you own Jitsi-meet you need chrome 83+ and activate in chrome://flags/ this flag “Experimental Web Platform features”.
As Fippo said Chrome activate this flag by default for the “” domain that’s why it work directly.

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Thanks for the info Damien.

How exactly does activate the Experimental Web Platform features by default on its domain?

I’m trying to replicate on my own installation and I don’t see how it’s possible to enable Experimental Web Platform server side?


I think it was done in Chrome side.
Maybe directly between Fippo and the Chrome team.

Ah ok, that would explain it.

I guess us “normal people” will just have to wait.