How to test new e2ee?

Hi all,

I’ve just installed the latest debian unstable packages and I notice there’s now HIPS (e2ee).
I went through the readme here but I don’t see any instructions on how to enable e2ee so I can test it out on my server.

Any hints?


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Dear All,
thx for this amazing and so far unique feature (real e2ee with multiparty video & opensource…) - congrats!
I am very much looking forward for the final implementation of key exchange/negotiation.

I have very same inquiry as Peter Villeneuve (using latest nightly on own debian deployment):
e2ee currently works only on with latest Chrome Canary (see screenshot below),
so the question remains how to activate e2ee within own Jitsi Meet deployment & using Chrome Canary (or Chrome 83 if released) endpoint?
kind regards, MS


You can find more information about e2ee feature in the Jitsi TheCall video :
So to test e2ee option in you own Jitsi-meet you need chrome 83+ and activate in chrome://flags/ this flag “Experimental Web Platform features”.
As Fippo said Chrome activate this flag by default for the “” domain that’s why it work directly.

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Thanks for the info Damien.

How exactly does activate the Experimental Web Platform features by default on its domain?

I’m trying to replicate on my own installation and I don’t see how it’s possible to enable Experimental Web Platform server side?


I think it was done in Chrome side.
Maybe directly between Fippo and the Chrome team.

Ah ok, that would explain it.

I guess us “normal people” will just have to wait.



Il n’est pas nécessaire d’attendre !

1 - Dans la barre d’adresse de votre navigateur web Chrome, vous inscrivez “chrome://flags/” (sans les ")
2 - vous recherchez “Experimental Web Platform features” (sans les ") et vous activez.
3 - vous relancez le navigateur web et le tour est joué.

Vous pouvez également utiliser le client “jitsi electron” (all platform) qui intègre l’option


Merci @flyergoo

I know we can enable e2ee in Chrome following the steps above and it works fine.

But what is the current status of browser support? Do we still need to enable “Experimental Web Platform features” manually? That may work fine for us but for 99% of users that’s a deal breaker.

Just wondering what the latest news is on this specific issue. I’d love to have e2ee encryption in the browser for “normies” to use without having to fiddle around with configuration issues.


I know you can enable field trial and add it to the index, see it on, which will enable it for normal users.

Can you explain in more detail what you mean? Where does one “enable field trial” and what index do I add and where?

Does this work on a self-hosted installation or only on


You need the insertable streams one

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Thanks @damencho
Exactly what I was looking for.


P.S. I imagine that Firefox and Safari don’t support insertable streams (yet). Is this correct? Any idea where I can follow the discussion to implement IS in Firefox or Safari?

Sorry @damencho, one more quick question.

I’ve registered and now have the token.

I see on that you serve your token as so:

<meta http-equiv="origin-trial" content="AgrHPASqxKwPM4tUmJX0Cd7IzdPkp+EYVnPHvS4ZMgWIL8Cnvj2LPyFeqUBPV1sVm9obij3Kv1wG7EPInSchOwMAAABZeyJvcmlnaW4iOiJodHRwczovL21lZXQuaml0LnNpOjQ0MyIsImZlYXR1cmUiOiJSVENJbnNlcnRhYmxlU3RyZWFtcyIsImV4cGlyeSI6MTYwMTQyMzk5OX0=">

My question is if there’s a config setting for the origin trial in jitsi-meet or if we should just manually add it to the index.html file in our self-hosted install?


Manual setting, you can use header.html to put it there

Thanks @damencho

I got it working. Do you know if/when Firefox and Safari will support insertable streams?

And where I can follow that progress?


There is a issue in mozilla’s buzilla but don’t have it handy, Safari … No idea

No worries @damencho Thanks. I’ll search for it myself on mozilla’s site.

Do you know if e2ee is now available on the mobile apps too or is it currently still just Chrome based browser and the electron app?


Not sure about its status, but e2ee is still in development. @saghul can give more insights :slight_smile:

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@saghul Any news on mobile support for e2ee?


Slowly making progress, but too early to give an ETA still.

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