How to test JWT token manually

I have installed Jitsi on my VM and enabled the token authentication.
How could I test it, that it will work without coding? I mean is there some URL parameters which I can put so that it will take the token and open a room?
Should I create a token with using my jitsi secret? How to obtain the secret? And which should it be HS256 or RS256?
Could someon put me step by step instuctions or is there a some other way to test it? My final goal is to integrate jitsi with Drupal, but that is another story

You can use jitok to create the token at the test state.

If you already activated the JWT authentication on your server, you can test it using your own server.

What exactly means “you can test it using your own server” ?
So my server is
And I have a token “xytzyt” and I want to open a room named testroom2
I have tried this, but it gives error authentication error:

Is that URL parametr wrong or missing something and is there documentation about this?
EDIT: okey now I got it working, just had to put * in the room field and that “jwt” is really the only url parameter needed. Is there a documentation for this?