How to test how many endpoints videobridge can support in a conference

Are there some tools to test ?

I think there is no specific tool. because the architecture is like floating… if u reduce bandwidth by lowering quality or audio only (without video) or One-To-Many (without many-To-Many) then it will support more participant without interruption… but if u want high resolution with audio+video and many-To-many conference,for the same setup it will be able to support far less participant without interruption.
So, it depends on how you are gonna use it thats why I think there is no specific tool. but there is some test statistics that are given by various developers with their own configured server but thats are helpful to have a good estimated understanding for one.

You can use the malleus tool to generate load:


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how to configure one-to-many

may be there is some other way… we actually first normally install a server and create room via api. we made custom api with a extra layer in front of lib-jitsi-meet … we configured it there… there is not so much documentation though…

can u elaborate a little…? I am not so familiar with this.

In internal network,a conference can support about 30 endpoints. But in public network, a conference can only support 6 endpoints. I installed the local server behind nat.
Who can tell me how to find the promble in public network?

What is your available bandwidth of the server?

1000mbps in internnal network
500mbps to public network

How do you see can support only up to 6 endpoints? Can it be the client network that sees only 6 videos and the rest are turned off is just low and cannot copy with that download speed?

when more than 6 endpoints, the client see the videos are low and others speak disfluency.
My client network bandwidth is enough.