How to test a conference with jitsi meet external API and a configured coturn server on a separate machine?

I am using Jitsi Meet External API for a project and a couple of people reported that they have issues with Video. All those users are behind a firewall setup with disallowed UDP traffic on port 10000. I configured a new turn server on a separate machine and made necessary changes for the Jitsi meet config files. How can I reproduce the same issue and test the setup? What are the steps I can follow simulate a corporate firewall environment?

I configured the turn server using - Settingup a Turn Server for Jitsi Meet - Meetrix.IO

You basically need to just block port 10000/UDP on the clients you want to test with. If the clients are unable to transmit media through the UDP port, then they will fallback to using the TCP port. The process of blocking port 10000/UDP varies from client to client.