How to terminate Jibri recording session from prosody?

The case. There are two users in the room, moderator and guest. Moderator starts recording and left the room in a while. Recording should be stopped in one minute after moderator leaves.

I’ve subscribed to muc-occupant-left and start the timer timer.add_task when the moderator leaves. In a handler I tried to send stanza to focus on user (guest, nobody) behalf, the same as user sends when presses stop button. But in does not work if someone in the room. I got an error from focus, that the user is not in the conference.

How to stop jibri recording?

You cannot do that, as those commands are checked whether the participant executing it have privileges to do so, if participant had left jicofo cannot check that.

That sounds like jibri logic, checking that there are no moderators in the room and leaving.

Yes, I’ve got the message from jicofo that user was not in conference. Jibri left in 10 minutes. Is there any ways to kick jibri from the room without forking jibri repo?

Check the muc-occupant-left hook of this module. It may work with some changes

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