How to support Jitsi getting better - fundraising?

Hi all,
I’m a community organiser in the UK, I know many nonprofit/community groups who desperately want a free and open source alternative to Zoom for group calls but who can’t rely on Jitsi because of too many connection issues. On Chrome calls constantly disconnect, in almost every group call someone’s video is inexplicably not working (also on Chrome), the iOS app can’t access the camera and mic… These issues are all covered in other posts on this forum. We’d like to support Jitsi to get better in those respects, and we’re wondering how we can best do that. Is it a matter of fundraising (to get better servers and/or pay developers to fix bugs), or is throwing money at it not the best way forward?

If fundraising would be helpful we might be able to set up a campaign to raise money from private donors and nonprofit organisations, and link up with community organisations worldwide to collaborate, though that would be entirely run by volunteers so we’d need to know all that work would actually be helpful. If more developers are needed rather than money we could rally round the hacker folks of our groups instead. Any thoughts on what is most needed, and are there existing initiatives I don’t know about? (I’m a total noob to the world of Jitsi.)

Big thanks!

I think this community needs to come together and solve these obvious problems with jitsi, am quite new with jitsi but I think it is amazing.
Areas to focus should be on cleaning up these bugs, expanding the participant’s capacity or create a broadcast scenario strictly for webinars as some of us are locked with the limitation but for webinar 2 persons or so need to turn on their mics and videos while others are view only.

My suggestion is that we should rally round to get developers if this would be welcomed.

2ndly, persuade the current contributors to assist and money would come in if they request for money after all they have been contributing in previous times.

Jitsi and 8x8 should help us in closing out these bottleneck.

Thank you

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