How to store video call recordings locally?

I’ve installed Jitsi on Ubuntu VM but the recording option is missing. How can I add this option? Also, I want recordings to be stored locally if possible.

Recordings are managed by another component which needs more setup to be started:
Recording can be Dropbox or whatever you implement in the post-process script.


But I followed this guide. I tried the
sudo apt-get -y install jitsi-meet command which is supposed to install the full suite. Shouldn’t recording be enabled?

No, as normally this is deployed on a different machine as you need a jibri instance per recorded session, has specific kernel requirements and such …

Sorry, I didn’t catch it. Do you mean that jibri should be deployed on client side(Android or Web) or that I need a second server just for the jibri component. Could please provide more details?

@angi Actually jibri is like a participant (thats why it needs another pc/env) who will participate in the conference… get the video streams of all other participants but wont upload its own stream… so it will get the recording of the whole conference from participant view. :blush:

So u will be needed a separate minimal configured pc to be configured with ur jitsi server to record a conference. hence with one jibri instance (pc/server) u will be able to capture not more than one conference. if u think u will need atleast 3 concurrent conference recording with ur server, it is safer to have 3+1=4 jibri instance configured with ur jitsi server :sweat_smile:

from my point of view, it is feasible for minimal use but for commercial/production use u should think about different architecture to capture video stream as with the increase of users, there will be a increase in concurrent conference and so u will need more jibri instance which isn’t feasible from my point of view. :neutral_face:

Our project targets limited number of users. One Jibri instance might be enough as it’s possible no concurrent meetings would happen.

Anyway, The sudo apt-get -y install jitsi-meet command deployed Jitsi and is up and running now. How do I proceed from here? What configurations/installation should I do to enable recording?

Its ok then.
check here
install jibri and configure with ur existing jitsi server :heart:
get a good understanding of jitsi architecture to do it easily… u can R&D about these in official site and see videos if face any difficulties …good luck

Is Jibri still needed if I am using the external api? I don’t want my fellow jitster to sign up in Dropbox.