How to stop tile

Hello I see with newe jitsi when I are make tile view the tile are move with speaker dominante. How I stop that so tile are stay for same positionz?

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THank you too much for always helpe me!

Ah, that’s quite counterintuitive.

As I was confronted with the problem described in Video flickers shortly in Chrome - #11 by rjmaris, I found this interesting (commented) option. I thought by myself: I want to stop reordering, so I did set it to false…

From the comment I see that reordering is the default behaviour. I also intended to stop reordering because i considered that this reordering might also contribute to video flickering.

In my (stable) jitsi version 2.0.6865-2 (jitsi-meet) the comment on top of this parameters is as follows:

    // Originally not contained in this config file:
    //enableThumbnailReordering: true,

Still not doing as expected. From another (comparable) posting I read that enableThumbnailReordering should be in withing testing: {…}
I doubled the entry there and test it with next conference…