How to stop being able to use the same Jitsi Meeting link (url) over and over again

Hi Jitsi

Firstly, friends and I are enjoying using Jitsi Meet online -easy to connect and the video is sharp.

We would like to use Jitsi with our students (ages 5 - 11). We have trialled Jitsi between staff and have discovered we can use the same meeting link 9url) over and over again to connote with each other, even on different days. We are concerned our students could copy the link and use it to contact each other without us or their parents knowing.

How can we stop this happening please?

You can prevent this if your students are using your own Jitsi Meet server: You can restrict room creation to teacher accounts. At the end of each regular conference kick all remaining participants and leave the room. The room will be closed and can only be reopened by a teacher.

This is what you need to do on your server:

Como se hace para boorar la sala de forma definitiva?

Many thanks Marqqs. I’ve just Googled how create our own Jitsi Meet server. Setup up your own Jitsi Meet server in less than 15 minutes — Brring looks good. As teachers not computer technicians or programmers this is going to be ‘interesting’ to do!!

Ciao Marqqs,

visto l’utilizzo anche da parte di minori per lezioni e supporto a distanza, si può eliminare la possibilità sui server pubblici di creare stanze legate a nomi tipo sesso, porno, ecc., ma anche a nomi di persone, tipo Sofia, Maria, ecc.?

In queste stanze, salvo password impostata, si accede senza controlli con il rischio di entrare in conferenza con gruppi totalmente sconosciuti

Avete pensato a inserire l’obbligo di una lunghezza per il nome stanza superiore a 10 caratteri che forse risolverebbe lo stesso il problema?

Se questo è fattibile, si può implementare su un server privato che vorremmo configurare?