How to start with lib-jitsi-meet

Hey all.
I am new to jitsi (Great work btw). I’ve configured it on DigOcean server. Everything working fine. I want to change layout of my app. I see that its suggesting to use lib-jitsi-meet, but m not quite sure how to begin with it.
Do i need to configure anything on the jitsi-server for this ? I have enabled module in prosody module mod_presence_identity and VirtualHost "" have added modules_enabled = { "presence_identity" }
And on the client side how do i start with it. I couldn’t find any documentations that very clear for a beginer like me and there’s no step-by-step guide.
I’d very helpful if you could just point me to a direction.
Thanks & Kind Regards

jitsi-meet you installed is already using lib-jitsi-meet, so you don’t need to configure anything, but you need to re-implement jitsi-meet which is not a trivial task.
There is an example here:
And a doc: