How to skip Pre-meeting Screen while using Iframe API?

I want to open the meeting screen directly and want to skip the pre-meeting screen. I am using the Iframe API. Is there any way to skip this screen?

And land directly on this page.

Add prejoinPageEnabled: false to the config

Seems like this is now false by default but in my case it is still showing prejoin asking for joining meeting name page even i set prejoinPageEnabled to false

It is false by default if not set in config.js, do you see it in

Hi, to an existing problem I wanted to ask about another solution. This variable did not make solution about skip the pre-meeting screen. After adding this variable prejoinPageEnabled after refresh conference which I logged into it, the refresh page asks for making the room as a host. I wondering to change the feature/prejoin skipPrejoinOnReload in the browser to set true.

Did you per chance set autologin to true in jicofo?

Yes I set enable_auto_login but it not resolve this problem. I am looking for a solution that avoids unnecessary logging in to the conference for reasons of browser. I am not convinced there is a reference for this omission.