How to show prompt when end call on jitsi ? or how to prevent hang-up event on Jisti?

Hello everyone, I’m new in programming, could anyone please tell me how to prevent or override hang-up event on Jitsi meet, I am using jitsi api on my web, the use case is, when user click hang-up button then prompt (pop up yes or no to hangup) show. I have used event videoConferenceLeft but this event is not really match with my case.

Checkout this config option: jitsi-meet/config.js at 769f0a845233bc17c835f1dbcaf36e71339f963c · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

hi @saghul , when I added buttonsWithNotifyClick to this config

configOverwrite: {
				startWithAudioMuted: !audio,
				startWithVideoMuted: !video,
				hideConferenceSubject: true,
				hideConferenceTimer: true,
				disableLocalVideoFlip: true,
				toolbarButtons: ['hangup'],
				buttonsWithNotifyClick: [
						key: 'hangup',
						preventExecution: true,

the console shows error

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'key')
    at Toolbox.js:820:68
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at Ft._overwriteButtonsClickHandlers (Toolbox.js:819:32)
    at Ft._getVisibleButtons (Toolbox.js:841:14)
    at Ft._renderToolboxContent (Toolbox.js:1234:63)
    at Ft.render (Toolbox.js:438:23)

is there something wrong with my config ? the config works well if I delete the buttonsWithNotifyClick

Am extra comma in the array

have tried this, still error with the same console error @damencho.
any other suggestion ?

I see we have refactored that code lately. Can you try testing against ?

I have tried this, in this site after hang-up button clicked, the rating showed, but the video still ended. my case is little bit different because I want the meet still connected and not ended.
could you please tell me how to solve my case or is there any other solution @saghul ?

Did you get your event handler called?