How to show my screen?

Due to my work I need to show my screen to my clients.

Is it possible to use this method by simplifying it in some way, so that I send a link to my client and he can see my screen without having to make many choices in the middle?

Greetings, and thanks from Argentina!

just allow him in the meeting and allow him to talk to you?

Welcome to the forum, @manuelm.

Are you asking about screensharing?

What I want is to send a link to my client, so that he can directly access to see my screen without having to start a conference and then activate “screen sharing”

You’re probably looking for a remote desktop feature. Since you don’t want to start a meeting to share your screen, you probably should be looking for another application/solution.

I think you may want to record your screen on something like OBS and upload the video to mega and just share the link to the user?

Is it possible in the same link that I send to another person, in addition to the name of the “room”, the username and password?

This way I can invite another person to quickly enter my room and I put “share screen”.