How to share local video

Someone could help me how to create a button in the menu for when I click open a link in a tab. What is the idea I do not have internet to share video by youtube on the jitsi-meet server only one videoconference is made at a time between 10 people the maximum I have had modify the logo and the link of the jitsi so that when you click on the I open a list of videos in a new tab that I have in a folder through apache2. but it is tedious to have to be editing the file every time the name of the video changes. I upload the videos easily because I use a folder shared by samba, connected to a cloud and by nfs. So I can upload the video from several parts, what is annoying is to have to connect to the server to modify the file name.

The question is how to create a button that can put the link address from the same conference. I have an .html that plays the videos in the order I want and one behind the other if it’s more than one but I don’t know how to create a button on my server to put the address of the videos. Thanks in advance.

You need to modify jitsi-meet web App ,

  1. Create a directory dev-meet
  2. cd dev-meet
  5. ls and you will get lib-jitsi-meet and jitsi-meet
  6. Open jitsi-meet with Visual studio code or editor
  7. open package.json file
  8. put your local path instead of gitpath
  9. This is Git path “lib-jitsi-meet”: “github:jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet#463f741cb6c76bb41490c0bc50728e4767f648ba”,
  10. after change , this should be like below .
  11. “lib-jitsi-meet”: “file:…/lib-jitsi-meet”,
  12. You need to change and modify whatever you want (adding new button or others )
  13. cd lib-jitsi-meet
  14. npm install
  15. cd …
  16. cd jitsi-meet
  17. npm install
  18. make
  19. once you done successful compilation .
  20. replace libs directory on server
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