How to share a conference video link for guests

I installed jitsi-meet. Conferences work and users at can chat with each other. I have a problem when I want to share a video call with users outside the system (guests). In the video conference there is an “I” icon with a link. Sending it to someone outside the users requires a login and password (what?).

Is it possible for conferences to be created by users from (JWT authorization), but sending a link with a possible password was enough to join the conversation?
Unfortunately, at the moment Jitsi requires a login and password.

I made recommendations from this section:

But it did not bring results.

During Jitsi installation, if I did not set ENABLE_GUEST, will I fail to configure it? Is the only method reinstallation?

I found a post in which someone, like me, uses (jwt) and jitsi.
Has anything changed since then? If I use JWT, I can’t enable the option for anonymous users to join channels created by rocketchat authorized users?

Joining a conversation via a link requires a password and login.
Maybe the solution would be to create a guest user for whom those who want to join via the link will log in.