How to setup users / restrict to public

Hi, I have the server up and running, now I want to maker sure the public cant use it and have administrators/conference creators type users… Did some googling and nad no joy. Ime sure there are qudes people can posing me to…

First I should say I am using the docker-compose from

From what I can gather the .env is only used when I first start the container, guide says I have to remove the config if I want to change it. Shame the guide does not say where the config is (the guide is the install notes linked from the above URL.

Anyway, seems I should bind mount the config dir (where is it)?

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Check your .env file, the location of your configuration files is declared therein. It defaults to:

# Directory where all configuration will be stored.

Whenever you changed some configuration in your .env file, you will need to remove the old configuration files (or change the value of the CONFIG= to something else).

Thanks, there are several containers. Do I just bash into one and remove it? whitch one?

Also had a look at .env and cant work out how to enable user authenticasin. What I want to do it find a way of seting up users who can start conferences, I guess the way they control access is for them to set up a password they want.

On a related note can I set up a conference (with a password) and set a time for it to start.

Sorry one other thing, also setup a persistent conference (with a password).

The configuration folders below your CONFIG=~/.jitsi-meet-cfg directory are mounted into the respective containers. So you should

Remove the containers:

cd your-docker-jitsi-meet-folder
docker-compose down

Delete the outdated configuration

rm -rf ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/*   # adjust to your CONFIG dir

Now adjust the settings in your .env file. You will probably want the internal authentication with guests enabled, so

# Enable authentication

# Enable guest access

# Select authentication type: internal, jwt or ldap

Now start the containers. Once they are up you need to create the users within prosody container:

docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec prosody /bin/bash
# the following is entered in the prosody container for each user that is allowed to create conferences
# you may need to adjust <meet.jitsi> if you changed it in the .env file
prosodyctl --config /config/prosody.cfg.lua register <username> <meet.jitsi> <password>

Note: the above was mostly written from the top of my head and may contain typos and possibly mistakes, so I’d recommend you to read the comments in the .env file, check the Jitsi Handbook and search the forum for existing posts if in doubt.

I don’t think thats possible with docker-jitsi-meet currently.

There are workarounds for remembering a room’s password, see here. However, if authentication is configured, only an authenticated user can “re-open” a room.

doesnt work config is not recreated
It seems to pull a cached copy out of its ass even after

rm -rf ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/