How to setup TURNS server for JITSI meet

Hello guys,
I have installed JITSI meet on my server and I configured it with my subdomain using letsencrypt. Later I noticed frequent connection dropouts when using it in one-to-one calls.
I heard about setting a TURN or TURNS server that helps avoid these interruptions, so i followed this tutorial but it doesn’t help me solve the issue : Tutorial.

Can you guys recommend me other helpful tutorials that works. or did anyone face this problem before and solved it.

Thank you in advance.

How did you install jitsi-meet? By default there is a turnserver configured using turn and turns default ports.

I just followed this tutorial : Tutorial

What do you see ps aux | grep turn?

So you have it running, if the ports are open 3478 and 5349 and you are using valid certificates coturn should be working.