How to setup Multiple Jibri server

Hi Team,
Can you please guide me how to setup multiple jibri server for recording multiple meetings at a time.I have one server where both jitsi and jibri installed and working fine but another one jibri server i want to setup with adn configure with the main server.Please suggest me how to do.

Follow the instructions for the new jibri server

You can use your first Jibri as an example for the configs in /etc/jitsi/jibri/, just remember to use the external IP of the Meet server (as you will be connecting to it from outside) and also make the Jibri nickname unique for each new Jibri instance.
When you are ready and the new Jibri connects and works OK, use it as a template/image to create all the others (once again, use unique jibri nicknames)

Thank you @Yasen for your response.This means on another jibri server’s (/etc/jitsi/jibri/jibri.conf)configure file i will add the main jitsi server credential with different jibri nickname.???

  • yes

  • The JMS (Jitsi Meet Server) address must be resolvable by the additional jibri

  • TCP/5222 must be accessable for the additional jibri