How to setup Jitsi to run in a private environment (for privacy concern)?


I have set up multiple instances of Jitsi, all of those are reachable via a public DNS to use. Now we have a requirement where we need to run the setup in a private lock-down environment. Because of the environment, the system can not use the Internet connection, even behind the Firewall.

Is there any way I can disable the P2P STUN part?

I am not very familiar with that, but during our debugging, we found that if the instance is locked, then the meeting gets terminated immediately after we join.


After more configurations, getting this error:

04-15 13:27:26.056 6162 6524 E JitsiMeetSDK: [modules/xmpp/strophe.util.js] Strophe: request id 4.1 error 404 happened
04-15 13:27:26.057 6162 6524 W JitsiMeetSDK: [modules/xmpp/strophe.util.js] Strophe: request errored, status: 404, number of errors: 1
04-15 13:27:26.057 6162 6524 I JitsiMeetSDK: [modules/xmpp/xmpp.js] (TIME) Strophe disconnecting: 1586950045913
04-15 13:27:26.059 6162 6524 I JitsiMeetSDK: [modules/xmpp/xmpp.js] (TIME) Strophe disconnected: 1586950045915
04-15 13:27:26.059 6162 6524 E JitsiMeetSDK: [modules/xmpp/xmpp.js] XMPP connection dropped!

the /http-bind works the same as how it works on

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