How to setup a simple Jitsi Meet server with JVB and Jicofo

Hello Dears,

I’ve been trying to setup Jitsi Meet server for couple of weeks now but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I can’t successfully start even 1 meeting let alone invite another peer to it. I would really appreciate your help or pointer on where to look for an error or problem.

Let me explain from the beginning what server and server setup I used to install Jitsi Meet components.

I have a server on Linode. It doesn’t have NAT so the IP address is public i.e. visible to “entire” Internet and I got a domain name and pointed that name to my Linode server. In the attached logs and config files I use the name “” for my domain name and IP for my IP address. Also all the third level domains I have defined for this solution like for example or resolve to I added A/AAAA records in Linode for that. I’m pretty sure that is not required for correct functionality since I can redirect everything through “hosts” file but added the records just in case.

So let me briefly explain the problem I’m facing. I cloned JVB, Jicofo and Jitsi Meets projects from GitHub and built them manually. I did not use Docker or “apt” tool to install those 3 solutions.
I deployed and started Prosody, JVB, Jicofo and Jitsi Meet Web version at As it clearly seen in the logs attached Prosody, JVB and Jicofo start without any error. There are warnings though. I access, the main page has that widget - it types in random conference name automatically. I push “Start Meeting”, enter the room then for a moment camera can be seen in the entire screen and then it crashes with “Unfortunately, something went wrong” message and tries to reconnect. After reconnect crash repeats and so on. There are no new log entries in JVB or Jicofo logs. I don’t know whether that is ok or not or represent anything. There are new log entries about BOSH session in Prosody logs. Also as it shown in “lsof” output ports 8443 and 10000 are not being listened to. I’m not sure if that is ok or not.

Again I would really appreciate your help or pointer on where to look for an error or problem. Also can you please share JVB, Jicofo and Prosody logs for a successfully initiated and carried out conference for me to compare and see what am I missing?

hostname is set to

I will upload all the configuration files and logs as attachments and explain their content here:
versions.txt: Versions of our Ubuntu, Nginx, Prosody and Java
lsof.txt: Output of “lsof -nP | grep LISTEN”
nginx.conf: Nginx config Nginx config of our
prosody.cfg.lua: Prosody config Prosody config of our
jvb.conf: Jitsi video bridge config
jicofo.conf: Jicofo config
jvb_jicofo_env.txt: Environment variables created for JVB and Jicofo Script that starts/stops JVB Script that starts/stops Jicofo
config.js: Config of the Jitsi Meet Web interface
jvb.log, jicofo.log, prosody.log: Logs of JVB, Jicofo and Prosody
console-export.txt: Firefox logs

versions.txt (2.3 KB)
console-export.txt (37.7 KB)
jvb_jicofo_env.txt (474 Bytes)
lsof.txt (23.0 KB)
jicofo.log (28.1 KB)
jvb.log (28.6 KB)
prosody.log (24.8 KB)

config.js.txt (61.7 KB) (3.4 KB)
jicofo.conf.txt (14.0 KB)
jvb.conf.txt (13.1 KB)
prosody.cfg.lua.txt (10.6 KB) (3.7 KB) (3.4 KB) (2.6 KB)
nginx.conf.txt (1.9 KB)

My recommendation is to use the quick install guide and install all packages from the deb repo.
Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server | Jitsi Meet.

Then test that you have a working deployment, open 3 tabs and check whether you see video. Once this is done you can start replacing components one by one by resuing the working configuration and stopping the service before that.

If you follow my recommendation, you will have it.

Thank you for your recommendation. I’ll try that to see if it works for me from dep repo.

Best Regards.