How to set SILK codec for audio using videobridge?


I am interesting in increasing the audio quality of 1-to-many conferences we are using by switching audio codecs to SILK.

I learned that Jitsi supports SILK and can find multiple mentioned of it but all are related to SIP i.e. jigasi. I tried to search any related entries in order to configure videobridge codec selection but had no luck.

So, if there are any config tricks that I missed please point me in the right direction.

P.S. We mostly use browser to conference and it is Chrome or Firefox on Linux or MacOS.

Is that codec supported in the browsers?

You can use the new feature in jitsi-meet for sharing audio which switches few options and increases the audio quality when shared in the meeting while using the default browser codec opus.

Oh gush! you are right.
SILK is not supported by Chrome or Firefox. To be honest I thought that Jitsi-web is responsible for encoding\decoding but now I can see I was wrong. So we have to stick to Desktop app for SILK.

Another question thus is there any way to specify and force (or at least promote) video\audio parameters to clients or in the conference (I understand it is tow separate cases)? I know OPUS can go as high as 320 kbps so is there any way to push that to a client (start from top and go lower)?


You can be passing URL params to control stuff … like in latest versions jitsi-meet/config.js at 4fc9aed708c58643f5e7c94917a99f662464ff11 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

This can be done with URL params.

Examples Higher audio quality - #2 by damencho