How To Set password for Conformance Room

my question is how to set password to a specific Conference Room.


When you enter the room there is an ‘i’ button from where you can copy the meeting information and from there you can set a password for the meeting.

thanks for your reply.
dear i have tried the same but the other user is joining with out password.

Do you exit the meeting after setting the password? The meeting exist till there is one participant in it, the same is and for the password. In the moment there is no participant the meeting is destroyed.

no i do not exit the meeting after setting the password. the participant remains in room
I do as
create a room and click on “i” button. then press on add password. type a password.
open the given room on another system. and the 2nd participant is entered without asking password set by first participant

Is this on on your own deployment?

i tried on both but result is same . i don’t know where i am doing wrong?

When you set the password do you see ‘Remove Password’ option in the same popup?

no, when i press add password . i see cancel password and copy

You are not setting the password, after typing it press ‘Enter’.

yes, you are right brother. when i hit “Enter” twice then i able to see “Remove Password” on both servers. now it’s ok.
All Team is doing great job.

Is it possible to add a button to make it obvious?

I’ll report it to design :slight_smile: @Yana_Stamcheva

Hi, You say that when there is no participant in the room, meeting is destroyed. Does this mean that i can’t create a room for a further date, set a password and share the link with the password wit others? Thank you.

You cannot set a password and leave, as that will be lost the moment you leave. You need to join before the others and set it.

Would you be so kind and push this topic again please?

There should be a button or at least some text saying “press enter to confirm” and also there should be some clearly visible feedback that a password is now set, beyond changing the text of the button next to “copy”.

The current UI design makes it hard, especially for not tech savvy people, to know what is going on.

Thanks for the great infrastructure you guys provide!

Is it possible to pass the password while creating the room, not doing it manually from the interface. It may be possible that some joins the room in between i get into room and setup the password.