How to set Moderator

Hello, i have been searching for this but i don’t find a simple answer, please

How can i set the Moderator via javascript ?

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This is one question that needs an easy answer. especially for mobile.

All other complex answers I’ve seen have had to do with server settings, prosody, lua etc.

Thanks for responding

In my web application de Teacher creates a videoconference and sends the message to the students, then the student in the intranet join to the video conference, i create the room with javascript, what i need to do is set the teacher as moderator, i need to tell jitsi through PHP right? how do i do that, any advice please?

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@saghul @damencho @AnyBodyAndEveryBody

We need some help here please.

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You’d need to enable authentication for that. And enable guest access. How did you deploy your installation?


Thanks for the response.

Just saw this.

Please is there a step-by-step documentation on how to setup tokens on a custom Jitsi server running on an Amazon EC2 instance?

Thanks in advance.

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why don’t you answer to the question first?

I don’t have an answer to the question. I am here to find out how too.


Hello KEYLETAL, Saghul,

We finally got token setup on the server.

So now, if you try to enter a room without a token, it puts up a message saying:

WAITING FOR THE HOST. The Conference XYZ has not yet started. If you are the host, then please authenticate. Otherwise, please wait for the host to arrive.

However, when I try to generate a token and go to the URL like, I get an error: Authentication Failed: Sorry you are not allowed to join this call.

I am using Firebase PHP JWT to generate the token and when I check the token on, it reveals my iss, aud, room, sub, exp in the payload but then tells me that the token has INVALID Signature. Must the token by signed with a key?

Where do you reckon the error is coming from?

Thanks in advance.

Hi did you get any solution?
If yes can you please help me to achieve this?


you need to install Jitsi Meet in your server

I recommend you this tutorials


To set room moderators

@Omar_Levano Thank you very much