How to set max number of participants per bridge using Octo IntraRegion


I use octo intraRegion, so when a video bridge gets loaded, jicofo starts sending participants to a second bridge. That is working just fine

But I thought that by using average-participant-stress, I would have control over when a bridge should be considered loaded and when to start sending participants to the next bridge.
For example, if I set average-participant-stress=0.08 and stress-threshold = 0.8, a bridge would be considered over-stressed on the 10th participant, and at some point after that, new participants would be sent to a different bridge. But this is not happening.

So, I am wondering if I misunderstood this average-participant-stress configuration?
Also, do you have any suggestions on how to do what I just described?

Extra info: I tried to use max-bridge-participants, but that seems to only be valid for a single conference, not for the total number of participants in the bridge.

Thank you

We got this working!

We reduced stress-threshold to 0.25.
This way, when the video bridge had around 30 participants, it was considered overloaded and jicofo start sending participants to a different bridge.