How to set display name android while joining call


How to set display name in android while joining call



you can use jwt tokens to parse name as well. But yup it is not displaying the name even if you parse through token. Even dropbox not working to take call recordings. Few things do not work with App.



Display name parsing works with the token, we use it in several integrations.

This needs to be configured in your mobile app.

What do you think it is not working?



how to show name in android app can you guide?



As replied earlier, you need JWT tokens if you want to do that programmatically. If you are just using the app, acess the settings from the “hamburger menu” in the welcome page and change it there.



hello, can i do that hamburger part programatically as i am not using welcome page and need to show my app username in place



@damencho…before this date, the dropbox in jitsi meet app was not working…i was able to login into dropbox and a jitsi folder was created into dropbox but recordings were not going running and saving into dropbox. Today’s new release of app version has started working with dropbox recording. As I was using jisi meet app, I didn’t require to configured in my mobile app development.

Name display was not there, short urls don’t work, meeting info was not there working, grant moderator or follow me was not there, raise hand was not but as now these have been come up with new release of version, now I can say it is working as same as Desktop Web version. It would also be good if short url worked there :slight_smile:

And if file recording would also be enabled, not only dropbox option. But doesn’t mater much.



Not at the moment. You need to use JWT tokens.