How to set audio settings with lib-jitsu-meet


How to correctly set an audio quality settings in own app (not JitsiMeet) which use own Jitsi self-deployed server?

I found this settings:

but I don’t understand how I can set them. In conference init or in local track init?
Maybe there is an example of this? Especially opusMaxAverageBitrate and stereo.

Are you using lib-jitsi-meet for your app? Assuming yes:

You can pass an audioQuality object in the options that you pass to Connection.initJitsiConference().

If you set stereo: true in there, then not only is stereo audio negotiated, but auto gain control, echo cancellation and noise suppression are automatically disabled.

You can set opusMaxAverageBitrate as high as 510000 although generally 160k - 320k gives good results without excessive bandwidth usage.

For areas where the lib-jitsi-meet documentation is a bit thin, you can read the jitsi-meet source code, since it uses lib-jitsi-meet under the hood so is a good reference.

Thank you. I’m researching the code, but some things are hard to understand)